Norwood Coin Counting Tray
Norwood Coin Counting Tray Australian Coin Counting Tray

Norwood AUS1 Coin Counting Tray with Australian Currencies

Brand: Norwood Cash Drawer

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The Australian Made Norwood coin counting money tray makes balancing easy instead of counting by hand.

You are able to lay it flat in front of operator 330mm x 181mm x 20mm

The Norwood Coin Counting Tray is an Australian made money tray with Australian Currencies enabling you to balance easily instead of counting by hand.

Reading off instead of counting by hand makes balancing easy with the Coin Counting Tray.

The AUS 1 has the ability to count and indicate:

  • $2 coins to the value of $90
  • $1 coins to the value of $100
  • 50c coins to the value of $25
  • 20c coins to the value of $11
  • 10c coins to the value of $7
  • 5c coins to the value of $5

Lays flat in front of operator 330mm x 181mm x 20mm

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