About Uorda

Uorda is a mobile table ordering system built to help all types of venues in the hospitality industry with a smoother operations process as well as a tool to enhance the customer experience.

Uorda helps venues consistently upsell on every transaction by allowing customers to view high quality images of a venue’s menu items at the time of ordering. Accessing Uorda’s digital menu platform is as simple as scanning the QR code on the table, Selecting your Meal and Paying via your phone.

Customers love Uorda because it saves them having to leave their table to order, or waive down an incredibly busy staff member who is too flat out to attend to the table. They also gain greater control of the ordering experience which in most cases leads to a high quantity of orders that are placed.

Uorda’s frictionless table ordering platform helps venues with its order flow management system. This system allows operators to connect the platform directly to printers to ensure no double handling of orders takes place. This results in fewer mistakes, less manual labour required and more time for staff to focus on the most important thing, the customer.

For any restaurant, cafe, pub or club, Uorda is a fantastic tool to help drive a 30% increase in sales volume, dramatically reduce labour costs and deliver an unforgettable customer experience to drive further loyalty at your venue.