Heckler Windfall Stand Prime for iPad 10.2


Heckler Windfall Stand Prime for iPad 10.2

Heckler Windfall Stand Prime for iPad 10.2

Normally $349

$299GST Inc

About Heckler

Heckler was born of the idea that if we create something that meets our standards then like-minded businesses, individuals, educators and fellow tech-aficionados would appreciate our clever and elegant hardware as well. The OneLessDesk our founder Dean Heckler designed in 2007 may have been the first design that created a public demand, but it wouldn’t be the last.

Today, our passionate team has designed dozens of laptop stands, tablet stands, wall mounts, AV carts and credenzas, TV stands, video mounts and so much more. Every item that ships to our customers around the world, has been designed to meet our exacting standards for function and aesthetics so that no matter your style or technology needs, it will work for you for many years.

Our team values what we have created together at Heckler, and that goes beyond the physical products. With an artisan-mentality and commitment to creating things people will love, the Heckler team brings their enthusiasm to every part of what we do. From design and fabrication, to shipping and customer service, we work with our consistent mantra: Protect the world from boring hardware.

The exacting process at Heckler has also allowed us to scale what we do and how we do it to meet a global customer-base. Our Phoenix-local manufacturing means every part of Heckler meets our standards, but also has allowed us to customize how, where, and when we grow to meet demand. Our domestic supply chain is ingrained in our way of business and has allowed us to produce something we love and know you will too. And we’ve done this in a way that has successfully blended artisan mastery with state-of-the-art manufacturing to deliver beautiful solutions to our customers around the world.

Cash Register Warehouse is an Australian supplier offering a range of Heckler Products.