About Repairshopr

RepairShopr is a perfect solution when it comes to the service industry (ticketing, communication) that may or may not have a Point of Sale component,or advanced Inventory needs - but there are over 100 different types of businesses from over 25 different countries that rely on RepairShopr to run their business.

Businesses that RepairShopr is ideal for:

Computer Repair Shops
Cell Phone Repair Shops
IT Consultants & MSP's
Franchise Management Software
HVAC Service Businesses
Plumbing Service Businesses
Electrical Contractor Software
General Repair Shops
Watch Repair Shops
Scuba / Dive Shops
Musical Instrument Sales/Repair
Mobile Repair Techs
Auto Repair
Small Engine Repair Shops
Electronics Repair Shops
General Repair Shops

When it comes to the Point of Sale, we have you covered for products including POS Terminals, Receipt Printers, Barcode Scanners, Label Printers & Consumables. All of these products are compatible and supported so you know that they will work when you receive them.

If you are looking for compatible hardware for your RepairShopr Software, please feel free to contact our POS Team via phone or email.