About 1receipt

1receipt® is a novel platform for eliminating paper receipts and issuing, storing, retrieving and managing digital receipts through a smartphone app.

Retailers will connect a small exclusive scanner device called “Pyramid™” to their existing cash register computer. The peripheral equipment operates without any change in their software or hardware and lets their shoppers transfer digital receipt to their 1receipt account by just scanning an exclusive barcode on their smartphone at checkout point.

Benefits for Shoppers:

No more mess on their receipts,
No need to share any personal information with the retailer,
Single platform for organising all their receipts,
Search, sort and filter features for a specific receipt.

Benefit for Retailers:

Around 70% cheaper than traditional paper printing system,
No more hidden cost for issuing a receipt,
Save the environment,
Better customer experience,
Attract more customers.

Sign up with 1receipt now by visiting https://retailer.1receipt.io and use referral code CRW.