TillManager™ Software for Casio Cash Registers & POS

TillManager™ Point of Sale Software for Casio Cash Register & POS Terminals

Brand: Astute Software

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TillManager™ is available in a range of versions. It is only compatible with Casio Cash Registers and Touch Screen Terminals.

TillManager(TM) from Astute is a comprehensive but easy-to-use PC-based interface for CASIO electronic cash registers and touch-screen terminals.

It gives you increased control and functionality for programming your cash register, reporting, and managing your inventory.

Features Include

comprehensive end user programming capabilities

product ordering, historical sales reporting and profit analysis

full graphical representation of key pads and QT6-series screen layouts

complete maintenance of the point-of-sale terminal

scheduled communications

a simple-to-use inventory and stock control feature.

TillManager helps businesses convert their PC and cash registers into a POS system. It's the fastest and easiest way to program and update your Casio ECR.

To find out more information about TillManager and which version is right for you please Click Here

TillManager also allows you to communicate with electronic cash registers locally and remotely, using a modem or the internet.

ECR models supported

TillManager can communicate with the following Casio cash registers:

QT-2100, QT-6000, QT-6100, QT-6600

TE-7000S, TE-8000F, TE-8500F

TE-3000S, TE-4000F, TE-4500F, TK-7000

TE-2200, TE-2400, TK-3200, TK-T200

SE-C6000, SE-S6000

SE-C400, SE-C450, SE-S3000, SE-C3500

SE-C300, SE-S300, SE-C2000, SE-S2000 (programming only).

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