Casio Dl2808 Charcoal Cash Drawer

Casio DL2808 Cash Drawer compatible with Casio QT6100 & QT6600 Touch Screen POS Terminals

Brand: Casio

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The Casio DL2808 (DL-2808) Cash Drawer is compatible with the Casio QT-6100 POS Terminal and the Casio QT-6600 POS Terminal. It is a charcoal drawer and has a special connector with an earth wire for use with the Casio POS Systems online. 

It Cannot be used as a manual cash drawer to open via key.

Casio DL-2808 Cash Drawer designed for the Casio QT6100 & QT6600 POS Terminals.

The DL-2808 is a heavy duty, 4 note, 8 coin cash drawer. The main features of this drawer are the full metal body, robust construction and its size. The draws dimensions are: Length - 450mm Width - 410mm Height - 115mm

The DL-2808 is identical to the Casio DL-2785 only it is charcoal in colour. We do not have updated images of the charcoal drawer.

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