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When it comes to Square POS Systems & Hardware, it can become quite daunting with all of the equipment available. When we speak to our customers, the first question we always ask is "Which device are you going to be using Square on?". We are sure our clients are often thinking... "why do you need to know?!" but there is some relavence as to why we ask this question. The compatible and supported hardware depends on the actual device you wish to use so if you are looking for a Square compatible Printer, we will need to know if it is for the Square Terminal, Square Stand, iPhone, iPad or Android so that we will be then able to advise which printers are then supported by that device along with the different connections types (USB, Ethernet/LAN, Wireless or Bluetooth) as there is a limitation on this as well. If you want a great all round printer which is available with all interfaces (plus they are available in white or black) is the Star Micronics mC-Print3.

Cash Drawers are quite simple to choose as they use an RJ12 connection (it looks like a telephone plug) and will simply plug into your receipt printer. They main thing to look out for is the size, style & configuration. Square mentions USB cash drawers for their Square Stand and Square Terminal but unfortunately only the APG USB drawers are compatible which we don't stock here in Australia, however, after speaking with Square, there may be alternate options in the future.

Barcode Scanners again will depend on the device but are available with either USB or Blueooth interface. You would use the Socket Mobile Blueooth Scanner if using Square Stand or iPad but when you using Android, Square Register or Square Terminal, you would then use a USB Barcode Scanner.

The Star Micronics mPOP is a great compact solution for any business that wants to save on footprint and wants something modern. One important note when using a Square Compatible Star Micronics mPOP Drawer/Printer Combo is that you can only connect a Socket Bluetooth Scanner as the USB Scanners are not compatible.

We have a range of Square compatible hardware Bundles for sale which vary with hardware combinations and compatible with different devices but if you have a specific solution you require, we can provide you with a custom Square bundle designed specifically for your business.

Cash Register Warehouse has been supplying Hardware for Square since they launched so we are very familiar with the hardware specifications and what is supported.

If you would like any assistance choosing compatible hardware for your Square POS System, please feel free to contact our POS Team via phone, email or live chat.


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