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Splitability POS Software

Brand: SplitAbility | Model: SplitAbility
Splitability POS Software

SplitAbility Cloud Based POS Software for Restaurants, Cafes & Hospitality

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SplitAbility is a cloud based Point of Sale software designed for Restaurants, Bars/Nightclubs, Cafes, Takeaway & Delivery.

SplitAbility runs on any existing computer or device that has an Internet browser.

Any tablet device can be used:

Apple iPads, iPhones and any iOS device.

All Android tablets, phones and devices.

Windows desktop computers, notebooks, phones, tablets including Windows Surface.

SplitAbility is unmatched for speed!
Latency and update times

Menu Item ordering: Instantaneous.

Restaurant overview screen retrieval: Less than 30 milliseconds.

Synchronization to other devices on the LAN: Less than 0.5 seconds.

Change User, Sign in / Sign out: Instantaneous.

Change User privilege: Instantaneous.

Archiving of historical data, to users on line account: Less than 50 milliseconds.

Wireless Order Taking: Instantaneous.

Inventory Increment / Decrement: Instantaneous (Globally Accessible).

Inventory levels minimum / maximum alert: Instantaneous.

Print receipt using Direct Printing: Instantaneous.

Print to kitchen printer using Direct Printing: Instantaneous.

Change/Update 100 menu items: Less than 1 second.

Change/Update 1000 menu items: Less than 3 second.

On Line to Off Line operation: Less than 10 milliseconds.

Table transfers: Instantaneous.

Regular Customer search and retrieval: Less than 5 milliseconds.

Customer Favourite Order look up and retrieval: Less than 5 milliseconds.

TakeAway retrieval: Less than 5 milliseconds.

Note: SplitAbility is a cloud based service and adds resources as required to maintain these latencies.

Main Features

Terminals / Registers / Tablets: Unlimited.

Historical Data: Unlimited and held in your own account at your discretion.

Transactions / day: Unlimited.

Menu Items: Unlimited.

Complete Menus: Unlimited.

Inventory Items: Unlimited.

Users: Unlimited.

User Key or Password can use any characters and any number of characters.

Regular Customers: Unlimited.

Favourite Orders: Unlimited.

Stored Orders and TakeAways: Unlimited.

Fully adjustable floor plans, both table position and size.

87 Currencies Supported.

Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS)

Mobile Point-of-Sale (mPOS) extends traditional countertop POS systems or cash registers with the mobility of tablets and smart phones.

Clunky old fixed terminal POS systems are making way for the newer mobile style of transacting with customers. The advent of technologies including - scrolling touch screens, multi-touch gesturing, pinch & zoom and virtual keyboards has made the transition to mPOS a must for any modern business.

Any tablet or smartphone can be used, thus significantly reducing installation costs. BYOD (bring your own device) can be employed or commodity type hardware e.g. PC?s, tablets etc.

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POS Hardware

SplitAbility requires Web or Cloud Printers as it prints directly from the browser.

Below is a list of the recommended hardware:

Epson Intelligent Receipt Printer
Printer Driven Cash Drawers

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