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Socket Barcode Scanners

Socket DuraSled DS800 1D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner for iphone 6/7/8/SE 2020

Brand: Socket Mobile | Model: CX3574-2225
Socket DuraSled DS800 1D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner for iphone 6/7/8/SE 2020

Socket DuraSled DS800 1D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner for iphone 6/7/8/SE 2020 (Charger Sold Separately)

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Socket DuraSled DS800 1D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner for iphone 6/7/8/SE 2020 (Charger Sold Separately).

Please note: iPhone is NOT included.

Socket DuraSled DS800 1D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner for iPhone 6/7/8/SE 2020 (Charger Sold Separately)

The DuraSled DS800 is a 1D barcode sled scanner with Bluetooth® wireless technology for Apple iPhones and iPods. The DuraSled combines the iPhone/iPod and an enterprise-grade scanner into a one-handed solution. Easy to use and resilient, the DuraSled™ is an ideal product for delivery services, stock counting, ticketing, and other application-driven mobile services. Its rugged case protects phones from drop damage and provides a robust, versatile charging solution suitable for all workplace environments. Simply insert your iPhone/iPod, pair your scanner and you are ready to go.

DuraSled supports iPhone 6, 7, 8, iPhone X series, SE 2020, and the entire iPhone 11 and 12 series. This makes it easy for workers to mix and match DuraSled™ solutions for iPhones, all while using the same accessories and SDK. The core components don’t change when switching to a new iPhone model, enabling users to maintain their mobile deployment investments for years.

The CaptureSDK enables easy integration into native, and/or web-based applications that use scanning to enhance the productivity of workers using iPhones.

Certified by Apple® for iOS devices (iPad®, iPhone®, iPod Touch® devices).

DS800 Features

  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology - Connects easily to iPhone Bluetooth devices
  • Certified by Apple® for iOS devices – Guaranteed Compatibility - With our SDK integrated in over 700+ applications, Socket Mobile scanners are one of the most natively integrated scanners available today. Scanners support HID keyboard emulation providing compatibility to any application out-of the box
  • Scanning - Reads all common 1D barcodes on paper and on screen
  • Scanner Feedback – Scanner provides audible scan tones, hand pulsation and Bluetooth indicators
  • Long Lasting Replaceable Battery - Power to last over 9 hours and battery is field replaceable
  • One-Handed Operation – Insert the iPhone/iPod for a one-handed scanning solution
  • Interchangeable Scanner - Barcode scanner can be used separately, attached to a different iPhone/iPod, or inserted into any model DuraSled Case
  • Interchangeable Accessories – All accessories for all DuraSleds models are the same
  • Protective material - Elastomeric (rubber) case protects both the Apple device and scanner
  • Integrates connectors from both devices directly into the case for dual charging.
  • Features magnetic contacts for ease of docking
  • Application Integration – Socket Mobile’s CaptureSDK enables easy integration in your applications to improve business productivity with fast, efficient, and reliable data transfer over Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Designed and made in USA

What's in the box?

  • 1 x DS800 Barcode Scanner
  • USB Charging Cable
  • 1 year limited Warranty on DuraSled barcode scanner

NOTE: iPhone/iPod NOT included

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