Sewoo Slk-ts400 Receipt Printer Usb/serial

Sewoo SLK-TS400 Thermal Receipt printer with USB & Serial (RS232) Interface

Brand: Sewoo

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The Sewoo SLK-TS400 Receipt printer comes with both USB & Serial Interfaces. The Energy Star qualified for power efficiency, jam-free design and Compact size makes this printer versatile for any business.

The SLK-TS400 receipt printer is an innovative new take on printer design that results in a 40


reduction in footprint compared to predecessors.

Rather than having a top opening lid the TS400 opens from the front.

This reduces the clearance required above the printer allowing it to fit into smaller vertical spaces - helpful when placing a printer into a confined space below a counter top.

The TS400 isn't just a niche product though it retains the same 2 year warranty and quality of its predecessors coupled with an aggressive price point making this printer well suited to applications of all shapes and sizes.

Key features:



smaller footprint than its predecessor

220mm/sec print speed

2 year warranty

ESC/POS (Epson emulation)

Paper Rolls Used:

80x80 Thermal Paper Rolls (24 Rolls)

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