View Retail Express 8200 PDA Stocktake Scanner


Retail Express 8200 PDA Stocktake Scanner

Retail Express 8200 PDA Stocktake Scanner

$949GST Inc

View Retail Express RK25 Stocktake Scanner


Retail Express RK25 Stocktake Scanner

Retail Express RK25 Stocktake Scanner

$1,495GST Inc

All about Retail Express Stocktake Scanner

Save your business time and money by using a Cipherlab PDA to do your Stocktake with Retail Express. 

These portable PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) terminals are loaded with a custom application specifically for Retail Express Point of Sale Software and includes after sales support for setup via phone or email.

We supply two different PDA terminals which include the Cipher 8200 and the RK25. Although both are compatible with Retail Express, the RK25 Android PDA Scanner is a premium product but also comes at a premium price.

The 8200 is a great solution if you only need to capture stocktake data and do not need barcode validation and viewing of description of item scanned. The RK25 on the other hand is a 2D PDA Scanner which provides a premium performance for both scanning and data collection. The RK25 is a rugged Android mobile computer with an integrated scanning engine which will enable you to scan both 1D & 2D Barcodes.

Here are the differences between the two models (Pro's & Con's)

8200 PDA Stocktake Scanner


Comes with the Retail Expres stocktake program on it to collect data (Barcode + QTY)

Supplied with power adaptior and direct USB comms cable.

This is a batch / memory PDA stocktake scanner.

Easy Upload of data from 8200 scanner after the stocktake via cradle or direct USB cable back into notepad.

All 8200 stocktake scanners are configured for Retail Express before sending.

8200 scanner will last 1 week before needing to be recharged - 100hrs if scanning once every 5 seconds.


Limited functionality.

Cannot give you barcode validation of both REX 6 digit # and supplier SKU #.

You cannot capture location with stocktake scanning.

Cannot view description of items scanned.

RK25 PDA Android Stocktake Scanner


Unlike typical laser and linear imager scanners, with a 2D scanning engine in the RK25, you can scan at any angle. This saves even more time when scanning compared to linear imagers/lasers. Saving time saves money!

The RK25 will be able to load your stocklist on to the RK25. So now when you scan an item, you will receive a validation of that barcode in your system as well as you will be able to view a description of the item on the screen.

The Retail Express (REX) Stocktake app that Track n Trace has developed for the RK25 will also allow you to email the stocktake data file back to a designated email address. It will also allow you to save the data on the internal memory storage so you can retrieve this stocktake data file after your stocktake.

The REX stocktake app also allows for validation of 2 x barcodes if your SKU has them. Either your 6 digit REX product ID code or the supplier SKU #.

The REX stocktake app will capture location or BIN # + barcode ID # + qty.

RK25 gives future proofing for much more functionality in the future.

This solution is suited to those customers that need to load a stocklist for barcode validation of their stock. Track n Trace have developed the Retail Express Stocktake App specifically for the RK25

Program will incorporate more features in future. Price Checking, Price relabeling, etc etc


Is more expensive than 8200 solution.

If you require any assistance choosing the best stocktake barcode scanner for your Retail Express POS System, feel free to contact our POS team via phone or email.