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Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

PowerShield Ninja Slimline 600VA UPS

Brand: PowerShield | Model: PSLN600

PowerShield Ninja Slimline 600VA UPS

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PowerShield Ninja Slimline 600VA UPS

PowerShield Ninja Slimline 600VA UPS

Designed for Australian conditions the Ninja Slimline UPS features Lithium Iron-Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery technology to allow the UPS to operate continuously at up to 40 degrees celcius without reduction in battery life. At 42mm in height, the Ninja Slimline is the perfect UPS for compact spaces.

Even the smallest disruption in power can affect valuable equipment and send an electrical system into reboot, often necessitating a technician to provide support. The Ninja Slimline UPS will ensure constant, uninterrupted power to not only protect equipment and extend its lifespan, but avoid unnecessary reboot glitches and costs. 

Designed for Australian conditions the Ninja Slimline UPS features Lithium Iron-Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery technology to allow the UPS to operate continuously at up to 40ºC without reduction in battery life. 

With its ultra-thin design the Ninja Slimline UPS is designed for environments where space is limited and perfect for use in protecting equipment such as electrical boards, irrigation and reticulation panels, switchboards, intelligent homes, lightboards, menuboards and anywhere else that requires a compact power solution.



LiFePO4 batteries offer up to 10 years of protection.


The Ninja Slimline UPS has been designed for optimum efficiency, ensuring a silent, stealthy solution for any environment.


After an extended power outage the UPS will turn back on and resume equipment functionality once power has returned.


Fanless design increases efficiency, saving power and reducing heat output.


Mount the UPS vertically on walls, and inside electrical panels on a DIN rail mount.


With the benefit of LiFePO4 battery technology the Ninja Slimline UPS comes with 5-year electronics and 5-year battery warranty.

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