Nexa NP1060 8 Inch Customer LCD Display with Pole

Nexa NP1060 8" (Inch) Customer LCD Display with Pole - USB Interface

Brand: Nexa POS

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The Nexa 8" LCD Customer Display comes with a Pole and USB Interface. Although it is designed for the Nexa NP-1060 POS Terminal, it can be used with a range of POS Systems so long as the Point of Sale Software can support it.

This 8" LCD screen kit includes a free standing pole and uses a single USB cable for both power and video so no VGA cable or power supply are required.

The LCD has 75mm VESA mounting holes on it so it can also be removed form the pole for mounting on the back of a double sided VESA pos pole.

Note that while this kit is intended for use with the NP-1060 Pos Terminal it is well suited to use with other PCs as a general purpose customer facing screen.

The screen resolution is 800x600.

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