Nexa Nl-1800 Cordless Laser Barcode Scanner

Nexa NL-1800 Cordless Laser Barcode Scanner with USB Receiver

Brand: Nexa POS

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The Nexa NL-1800 breaks new ground in cordless scanning


Featuring an

effortless plug and play receiver, and a price point unrivalled amongst major

competitors, the NL-1800 makes cordless scanning more accessible than ever


Despite the low price point, the NL-1800 offers 100m line of sight range, (where

most competitors offer 10m), 60,000 scans per charge, and the ability to keep

on scanning while the battery is flat via the charging cable.


Laser scan engine

100m range

60,000 scans per charge

Communications via driverless USB receiver

Charging via standard USB cable

3 year warranty (see terms and conditions for further information)

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