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HP RP5810 i3 Retail System

Brand: HP | Model: 70292158
HP RP5810 i3 Retail System

HP RP5810 i3 Retail System

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HP RP5810 i3 Retail System with Intel Core i3-4330 3.5G 4M HD 4600 CPU, 4GB DDR3-1600 DIMM (1x4GB) RAM, 128GB SSD Drive and WIndows 10 Operating System.

HP RP5810 i3 Retail System with Intel Core i3-4330 3.5G 4M HD 4600 CPU, 4GB DDR3-1600 DIMM (1x4GB) RAM, 128GB SSD Drive and WIndows 10 Operating Systems.

Standardize on one system to run mission critical operations. Expandable and highly configurable for easy implementation into your existing ecosystem; choose operating systems, Intel processors, storage, and memory.

High performance

The Intel Core vPro processors provide hardware-based remote management technologies enabling a stable, secure and reliable IT infrastructure.

Dual-integrated graphics ports, a VGA port and DisplayPort (new on this platform) provide support for both cashier-facing and a cashier-facing display to help create a richer and more engaging customer experience.

Retail System configurations with RAID support and Solid State Drives enhance data protection and offer greater durability.

Expandable and configurable

With extra memory slots, multiple PCI or PCI Express (PCIe) slots, 3.5 inch /5.25 inch bays, and optional optical drives, the HP rp5800 Retail System has a flexible design that you can customize to fit your retail environment.

Choose the combination of HDD/SSD and ODD/eSATA storage devices that's right for you. The HP rp5800 Retail System has 3 drive bays to allow you to take advantage of the latest technology while still working within your existing ecosystem.

Connect to a broad range of point-of-sale peripherials [www.hp.com/go/pos] and options for greater productivity and flexibility to fit in your retail environment.

Stable and manageable

Reliable, retail-hardened engineering helps reduce downtime and keep your store running smoothly. The ruggedized Retail system and 40C ambient temperature support extend longevity through your normal business activities. For more extreme environments, a 50C kit is available (on limited configurations).

Intel vPro Technology enables out-of-band management making it possible to do remote support of POS Systems in any power state and without a working operating system environment. It also facilitates remote management capabilities which assist retailers in managing many stores from one central location. This can also apply to digital signage applications for driving content remotely.

Works with your environment

Designed to fit retail locations, the HP Integration Assembly, sold separately, is available in four parts. The Terminal Enclosure provides extra security and protection for cables, I/O ports and against dust, while the Integration Tray Assembly keeps peripherals neatly contained - either on top of the HP rp5800 Enclosure Assembly, the Heavy Duty Cash Draw or directly on the counter.

With room for a keyboard, printer, and barcode scanner, the flexible design allows for various configurations depending on retailers' needs. The Pole Mount Assembly and Display Arm Assembly enable the mounting of multiple monitors for customer and employee use.

To make your transition to new hardware easier, the HP rp5810 Retail System has the same footprint and physical size as the HP rp5800 so it fits in your current space and offers Windows 10 Operating System.

F6H32AV HP RP5 Retail System Model 5810

F6G67AV Intel Core i3-4330 3.5G 4M HD 4600 CPU

P7V21AV W10P6

F6G37AV 4GB DDR3-1600 DIMM (1x4GB) RAM

F6H09AV 128GB SATA 2.5 w/ca Opal2 SED SSD

F6G65AV HP USB Keyboard

F6G65AV Australia - English localization

F6G66AV HP USB Mouse

F6H38AV HP RP5 Trim Bezel No ODD

F6G41AV 3/3/3 SFF/ST Warranty

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