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Hand Held Barcode Scanners

Honeywell HH490 2D USB Barcode Scanner with Stand

Brand: Honeywell | Model: HH490-R1-1USB-1-A

Honeywell HH490 2D USB Barcode Scanner with Stand

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Honeywell HH490 2D USB Barcode Scanner with Stand

The Honeywell HH490 2D USB Barcode Scanner with Stand for commercial environments requiring high speed 1D/2D scanning operations. This barcode scanner plugs directly into your device with the included USB Cable.

Honeywell HH490 APAC USB Kit with Stand & 65306; Omni-directional, 1D, PDF, 2D, black scanner (HH490-R1), USB 1.5m straight cable (CBL-500-150-S00-02), flexible presentation stand (STND-15F03-101-4)

Honeywell HH490 - Handheld 2D Area-Imaging Scanner

Designing for most commercial environments re- quires a high-speed 1D/2D scanning operation, HH490 demonstrates strong capability of reading bar code rapidly and continuously - even when reading damaged, partially obscured, or poorly printed bar codes.

The Honeywell HH490 is a new generation of handheld 2D area-imaging scanner, designed to fulfill different customers’ scanning needs in various applications and scenarios, such as personnel registration at the government departments, membership identification and payments at the large-scale shopping malls and supermarkets, hotel registration and management, theater ticket verification, even at hospitals, schools, and any place where data need to be read and identified quickly.

HH490 offers excellent 1D and 2D barcode scanning performance at an affordable price. It can rapidly respond to a variety of scanning needs, help customers quickly obtain data, simplify operation procedures, and greatly improve the management efficiency of the enterprise. HH490 makes scanning easier and faster!

Given the rapid and large-scale deployment challenges from the commercial side, HH490 is equipped with Honeywell’s advanced EZ config and POS driver, which greatly simplifies the configuration process and saves time. HH490 is fully backward-compatible with existing HH400 accessories. It helps existing customers greatly reduce cost and make the investment worthwhile.


Flexibility and Versatility

HH490 is designed to fulfill different customers’ scanning needs in various applications,no matter the merchandise codes, digital codes in retail industry, or the data matrix, dot code in government or hospitality, HH490 can read them effortlessly. It is a scanner with great flexibility and versatility.

Industry-Leading Performance

Equipped with 1GHz MCU and 1MPx camera, plus the Honeywell’s world-leading decoding technology, HH490 shows an industry-leading performance for various types of barcodes, even damaged codes, which helps avoid the errors of manual entry, saving time and improving productivity for customers substantially.

Intelligent Software Tools

Used with Honeywell EZConfig, OPOS/JPOS drivers, POSNET4, SMU and plug-ins, these intelligent software tools greatly simplify the setup and installation of HH490 and save the effort of integration with other equipment of customers.

A Full Range of Accessories

A full range of accessories including the USB cables, RS232 cables, stands and power supplies, which perfectly fulfill customers’ requirements for different applications and are compatible with variety of POSs and equipment, ensure the ease of use for customers.

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