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Honeywell EDA51K PDT 2D-SR 3/32 WLAN PSU AD/GMS

Brand: Honeywell | Model: EDA51K-0-BC31SQGHK
Honeywell EDA51K PDT 2D-SR 3/32 WLAN PSU AD/GMS

Honeywell EDA51K PDT 2D-SR 3/32 WLAN PSU AD/GMS

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Honeywell EDA51K PDT 2D-SR 3/32 WLAN PSU AD/GMS

Honeywell EDA51K PDT 2D-SR 3/32 WLAN PSU AD/GMS

EDA51K, WLAN, 3G/32G, 13MP camera, N3603 engine, 13MP camera, Android with GMS, 4000 mah battery, with hand strap in kit, ROW

Enterprise Mobile Computer

The Honeywell ScanPal™ EDA51K enterprise mobile computer is a cost-effective device designed for small business to conduct mission-critical workflows in light-duty warehouse, distribution center and retail applications.

The ScanPal™ EDA51K is a rugged, keyed mobile computer with enhanced durability (IP65 rated). It can resist a certain level of dust, water, drop, tumble, vibration, humidity, heat, cold and even static electricity.

The EDA51K has high-speed operation performance, it uses Qualcomm® Snapdragon™1.8 GHz octa-core processor, and offers 3G+32G (standard version) and 4G+64G (high-end version) two memory options. Also, it comes with Android Q system, which makes your business more flexible and protects your built-in investment. In addition, with its powerful 13-megapixel color camera, the EDA51K can take pictures in dim environments and even read damaged packages effortlessly.

To optimize field operation, the EDA51K is equipped with a 10.6cm (4-inch) touch screen with a numeric keypad, greatly improving input efficiency. There are three scan buttons on each side of the mobile computer, specially designed for both left-handed and right-handed people, eliminating discomfort and providing an excellent user experience.

The removable battery can be used for a whole shift, so you don't have to worry that it may run out of power during work.

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