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Wearable Barcode Scanners

Honeywell 8675I 2D-SR Bluetooth Ring Scanner

Brand: Honeywell | Model: 8675I400SR-2-R
Honeywell 8675I 2D-SR Bluetooth Ring Scanner

Honeywell 8675I 2D-SR Bluetooth Ring Scanner. Includes battery & triggered ring

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Honeywell 8675I 2D-SR Bluetooth Ring Scanner. Includes battery & triggered ring.

- Charger sold separately and required for use.

Honeywell 8675I 2D-SR Bluetooth Ring Scanner. Includes battery & triggered ring.

- Charger sold separately and required for use.

The 8675i offers always-at-hand wearable scanning to improve workflow productivity. Premium scanning performance ensures quick work of even damaged or low quality barcodes. FlexRange(TM) technology provides scan distance to enable wearable efficiency in workflows that previously only solvable with bulkier, heavier handheld devices. Smooth, fast reading from near to far ensures that the full range (100% UPC from near contact to 5’, 100 mil Code 39 to 10M/33’) has fast, intuitive scanning response.

A standard-range only option offers lower acquisition cost for arms-length workflows. In all aspects of design, the 8675i has been optimized for ergonomics. Height off of the finger has been minimized to prevent interference in the work environment. All user-contact surfaces have been tailored for comfort, easy adjustment, and simple use.

The triggered ring is simple to swap from right to left hand configuration, and the finger strap buckle is both easy to operate and low-profile to prevent interference between fingers. The 8675i can be converted from ring to glove instantly and with no tools; the strap glove is simple, minimal, and easily adjustable to cover the range of users. Made of non-absorbent materials, 8675i wearable accessories are simple to clean with approved disinfectant agents.

The 8675i has been designed to satisfy the needs of demanding workflows. It is multi-shift ready, with an easy to replace battery to keep the scanner up and running that also enables the battery to be simply replaced once it degrades through normal use, extending the service life of the 8675i.

User-facing LEDs communicate Bluetooth connection, battery state of charge and even when battery health requires a replacement. Best-in-class 2,000 x ½ meter tumble specification ensures that 8675i will endure the frequent knocks a wearable device in a fast-paced environment will inevitably experience. IP65 sealing and broad operating temperatures (-20 to 50C, -4 to 122F) ensure unconditioned warehouses, frozen environments are no problem for the 8675.

A new outdoor aimer provides accurate barcode targeting even in full daylight when laser aimers cannot be seen. And Operational Intelligence makes configuring, monitoring, and managing deployed devices simple.

This product has a 24 month warranty

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