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Cino S680 2D Barcode Scanner with USB Interface

Brand: Cino | Model: S680

Cino S680 2D Barcode Scanner with USB Interface

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Cino S680 2D Barcode Scanner with USB Interface

Cino S680 2D Barcode Scanner with USB Interface. The S680 is capable of scanning both 1D & 2D Barcodes and able to scan from a mobile phone, smartphone and LCD display.

The FuzzyScan S680 presentation scanner was designed with customer satisfaction and shopping experience in mind. Its fashionable and compact appearance, ultimate reading performance, and versatile stand design make S680 well-suited for retail, commercial, hospitality, and transportation applications. With the S680, you are empowered to push the boundaries of productivity through speedy transaction and fast queue moving, optimizing either cashier-staffed or self-checkout environments.

Main features

  • Fashionable, compact, and versatile design
  • Reads challenging and problematic barcodes
  • Reads electronic barcodes with low screen brightness
  • Excellent "pass-through" scanning
  • Large scanning field
  • Built-in proximity sensing with unique features
  • Programmable high-volume speaker
  • Adjustable stand with 135° ultrawide tilt angle
  • Mounting kit-free design
  • Custom data processing and scanner operation through DataWizard Premium
  • Fast and simple configuration with iCode
  • Multilingual data output support

Scanning for All Needs

The S680 fulfills diverse scanning requirements. It not only provides exceptional reading performance and a broad range of readability, but also can output data in numerous languages to overcome language barriers. It boosts your return on investment.

Capture every barcode the first time

Powered by Cino's exclusive FuzzyScan imaging platform, the S680 is purpose-built to meet all barcode scanning needs. It is capable of capturing the most challenging and problematic barcodes instantly, including dense, poor quality, distorted, dirty, damaged, or overwrapped barcodes, as well as electronic barcodes on smartphone screens, such as digital coupons, gift certificates, boarding passes, digital loyalty and other emerging commerce applications.

Exclusive imaging technology

Cino’s latest FuzzyScan imaging technology adopts machine learning algorithms along with breakthroughs in image recognition, bringing barcode scanning performance, and snappiness to a new high. With FuzzyScan imaging technology, the S680 delivers unrivaled reading performance among our competitors.

Excellent “pass-through” scanning

With the S680’s omni-directional scanning capability, you do not need to align with the barcodes at all. The S680 employs a proximity sensor which results in excellent scanning responsiveness. Together with its unique features for system integration, the S680 is also particularly well-suited for the booming self-service checkout applications. With superior motion tolerance, the S680 delivers swipe-and-go simplicity to increase scanning speed while maximizing user comfort.

Large scanning field

The S680 has been designed with a wide scan angle, so it has a large scanning field. This enables users to capture any barcode easily and intuitively, whether they are experienced cashiers or self-checkout shoppers.

Ultimate Usability

The S680 has many practical, user-friendly, and flexible features. Those attributes help enhance the usability of the S680 to streamline the checkout process and improve the customer experience.

Versatile stand for maximum flexibility

The ingeniously engineered stand grants the S680 an ultrawide tilt angle from 45° forwards to 90° backwards. The adjustable stand allows users to accommodate objects of various sizes and shapes for easy scanning. An optional affixing magnet kit offers a means to secure the S680 on top of a counter firmly without concern for accidental drops, while allowing users to pick the scanner up for occasional handheld scanning.

Mounting kit-free design adapts to diverse applications

The stand’s versatile design also offers the flexibility to mount the S680 on walls, host machines, or undersides of tables, or integrate it into kiosks without the need for an additional mounting kit. The S680 provides the flexibility to extend your applications beyond the most common use of POS checkout to price checking and self-checkout as well.

Chic and compact design that fits everywhere

The S680 has a modern and chic appearance, providing an aesthetically pleasing store environment that enhances your brand image. Additionally, its compact footprint takes up less space. This is especially beneficial for stores with constrained counter space. The S680 provides an ideal solution either for trendy specialty boutiques or consumer retail stores.

Flexible hands-free and handheld operation

The S680 offers an extraordinary design that marries a solid base with small footprint and an ergonomic body. When a user wants to scan electronic barcodes on a smartphone screen, the scanner can instantly switch to handheld mode by picking it up and pressing the trigger button, providing flexibility and superior comfort for both handheld and hands-free operation.

Clear audio and visual indications

The S680 gives clear scanner status feedbacks through audio and visual indications such as “successful read” or operation status. The built-in programmable speaker provides ample volume, and allows beep tone, volume, and duration adjustment according to your preference. The multi-color indicators at the top of the scanner are bright and informative. The audio and visual user feedbacks give you the information you need.

Optional EAS deactivation improves checkout efficiency

For proprietors who use Checkpoint Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) system to guard their properties, the optional EAS-enabled model can simultaneously scan a barcode and deactivate the anti-theft EAS tag. This not only increases checkout efficiency, but also saves precious counter space without the need of a dedicated security deactivation device. It also prevents false alarms that could embarrass both the customer and the store.

Exceptional Value

Cino’s FuzzyScan DNA is a synthesis of value-added features for all Cino barcode scanners. The S680 is born with the genes of FuzzyScan DNA to bring additional functionalities beyond typical barcode scanning. These innovative functionalities transform the barcode scanning experience by enhancing the scanner's intelligence, versatility, and performance. With the FuzzyScan DNA, Cino’s FuzzyScan family of barcode scanners deliver practical solutions for your business, lowering your total cost of ownership (TCO), and help workers get more work done.

DataWizard Premium – Custom data processing and scanner feedback

DataWizard Premium is a unique functionality that enables FuzzyScan scanners to be easily configured to process and manipulate scanned data in various ways, such as reformatting them to a new order, or inserting, deleting, and matching specific characters prior to transmission.

In addition, it can also perform complex logical operations to fulfill more complicated needs, through the writing of data scripts. This enables tasks such as text string parsing from a PDF417 driver license to extract age information for alcohol purchase eligibility verification, or application identifiers (AI) parsing of GS1 barcodes to extract and populate the data into the correct corresponding data fields in your host application. Moreover, through DataWizard Premium, you can even apply various user-defined scanner indicator lights and beeping feedback combinations to suit your specific application needs.

iCode – Single scan setup

FuzzyScan’s iCode is a macro barcode command designed to simplify and accelerate your setup process. Instead of configuring your scanners with multiple barcodes, users can achieve identical results with a single iCode. It lowers the risk of incorrect configuration, expedites deployments, and reduces field service expenses. iCode will accelerate your workflow and increase your efficiency.

Multilingual Edge – Output data to various languages

Thanks to FuzzyScan’s Multilingual Edge, the S680 is capable of outputting scanned data to various languages, including languages like Arabic, Russian, Greek, and Turkish. Even Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai are supported. Break down your language barriers and expand your business horizons with Multilingual Edge’s output capabilities.

Smart Scene – Quick adaptation to diverse applications

FuzzyScan’s Smart Scene minimizes configuration effort by allowing you to choose from preset optimal settings tailored to specific scenarios. Smart Scenes works just like a digital camera’s scene mode. Simply pick the scene option that suits your specific needs, and you're good to go! Smart Scene empowers you to attain exceptional scanning results with minimal effort.

Customizable bezel colors to enhance your company image

Your store environment reflects your brand. The bezel color of the S680 is customizable to suit your checkout counter preferences. This makes the S680 an extension of your brand image, while enhancing the customer’s shopping experience.

This product has a 3 year warranty.

Cino FuzzyScan S680 Scanner Video

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