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Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

Cino A670BT 2D UltraCap Battery-Free Barcode Scanner

Brand: Cino | Model: A670BT-UC

Cino A670BT 2D UltraCap Battery-Free Barcode Scanner

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Cino A670BT 2D UltraCap Battery-Free Barcode Scanner with USB Charging & Communication Dock.

The A670BT can scan both 1D & 2D Barcodes with a range of 100m (line of sight).

Cino A670BT 2D UltraCap Battery-Free Barcode Scanner with USB Charging & Communication Dock. The Charging/comms dock has a USB interface cable and can be plugged directly into your computer OR you can pair the scanner directly to a bluetooth host and use the cradle for charging only.

The A670BT can scan both 1D & 2D Barcodes with a range of 100m (line of sight).

Equipped with Cino's exclusive FuzzyScan imaging technology, the A670BT is tailored to meet the needs of retail and commercial businesses. It features enhanced reading capabilities (with a 1120x768 pixel image sensor), a warm-white illumination for improved color rendering and superior reading of problematic barcodes. Additionally, the device offers versatility, reliability, and sustainability through multiple connectivity options and powered by either Cino's 2,550mAh battery or Cino's UltraCap™ battery-free solution. Upgrade your scanning experience with the A670BT's perfect combination of performance and cost-effectiveness.

Main Features

  • Instant cordless migration via Cino Smart Cradle
  • Up to 100m of communication coverage while working with Cino Smart Cradle
  • One-step & hassle-free pairing
  • UltraCapTM Battery-Free solution supported
  • Works with Bluetooth-enabled Windows, MAC, and Linux hosts
  • Compatible with most popular Android and iOS mobile devices
  • Reads most challenging and problematic barcodes
  • Built-in bright warm white illumination for snappy reading
  • Batch Scanning for simple stocktaking
  • Optional vibration function for tactile confirmations
  • Withstands 1.8m drops to concrete
  • Inherits the powerful FuzzyScan DNA

UltraCap™ Battery-Free Solution

The Cino Battery-Free solution is powered by the UltraCapTM Capacitor. This alternative power source is purpose-built with cost-saving and environmental sustainability in mind. The UltraCapTM Capacitor is ideal for applications requiring a very quick charge to fulfill short to medium term operations such as retail, hospitality, healthcare, and so on.

A cost-effective solution lowers total cost of ownership and exemplifies ESG commitment

The UltraCap™ Capacitor is Cino's battery-free solution. It's reliable, cost-saving and environmentally friendly. By adopting the UltraCap™, enterprises not only reduce costs but also exemplify their commitment to ESG principles and environmental sustainability.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

The UltraCap™ Capacitor has a much longer lifespan than the standard Li-ion battery. In retail applications, in an UltraCap™ Capacitor's lifespan, more than twenty-five standard Li-ion batteries will be consumed. Based on an average usage of 20 scanners installed, you will save over USD3,000 in your total cost of ownership.

Quick Get-Up-And-Go

Productivity losses are a hidden yet astronomical cost in workplaces. Every 1-minute quick charge of UltraCap™ supports 700 scans for 1D scanners and 130 scans for 2D scanners. This allows you to quickly resume scanning operations to minimize productivity losses caused by dead batteries.

Support a Greener World

Due to its long lifespan, the UltraCap™ Capacitor produces less e-waste and supports a cleaner, healthier environment for all of us.

Maximize Uptime

At 750 Farads, the UltraCap™ Capacitor has the largest capacity to support the longest uptime in its category. Compared with 3 to 4 hours for a full charge of the standard Li-ion battery, a full charge of the UltraCap™ requires less than 50 minutes and supports over 4,200 scans for 2D scanners and over 17,500 scans for 1D scanners.

Swappable and Interchangeable

The UltraCap™ Capacitor has a swappable design. It has the same dimensions as the standard Li-ion battery, allowing users to interchange flexibly and instantly to meet their specific applications.

This product has a 3 Year Warranty

UltraCapâ„¢ Capacitor, Cino FuzzyScan Battery-Free Solution

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