Star Tsp143iii Wlan Receipt Printer With Star Scd100 Cash Drawer

Star Micronics TSP143III WLAN Receipt Printer with Star Micronics SD-100 Cash Drawer

Brand: Star Micronics

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The Star TSP143III WLAN Receipt Printer along with it's companion, the Star SCD100 (SCD-100) Cash Drawer is a great wireless point of sale solution. 

The Cash Drawer connects directly to the receipt printer for Automatic opening.

Star TSP143III WLAN Receipt Printer

Quality Star TSP143III WLAN Wireless/Wifi Thermal POS Receipt Printer (TSP143iii-WLAN).

Introducing Star's new wireless printer solution, the latest model from Star's renowned TSP100 Series used by retailers & restaurateurs across the globe from major retailers & fast food restaurants to your local corner shop & cafe.

Offering simple, yet effective wireless communication, the TSP143III WLAN supports 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz with an easy-to-use & ready to go setup. Star's WPS (Wifi protected setup) easy connection makes the wireless setup simple.

This latest addition to the TSP100 Series provides a range of new features including a high print speed of 250mm/second, a guillotine auto cutter (cutter life 2 million cuts) as well as thin paper capability providing benefits not only for the environment but also the user's operating costs.

The cost-effective solution includes the convenience of an internal power supply along with a vertical mount kit in the box.

Other Features:

FAST 250 mm/second print speed

DROP-IN & Print paper loading

ULTRA white version available (indent only)

NEW guillotine auto cutter ( 2 million cuts)

CONVENIENT internal power supply

THIN paper capability (0.053 to 0.085mm)

DEVICE CHARGING 5v-1A USB trickle charging (iPad / Tablets / iPhone, etc.)

NEW AllReceipts Digital Receipting fromStar Cloud Services

Designed to work with today's market leading operating systems - Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS & Windows, this printer will have a dramatic impact on the retail environment and enhance Star's leading position in the mPOS as well as traditional POS marketplaces.

Other Value Added Software Tools Include:

Invert Printing

Electronic Journal

Trigger Printing Coupons by Keywords

SDK (Software Developer's Kit)

Virtual Port

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty - Upgraded to 3 Year Warranty when product registered for Warranty with STAR

Star SCD100 Cash Drawer

The Star SCD-100 is a compact Cash Drawer which is Printer Driven and would be a great companion to any Star Micronics Receipt Printer.

The SCD-100 has an extremely compact footprint making it ideal for any space.

If you are looking for a small heavy duty point of sale cash drawer, the Star Micronics SCD100 would be a great asset to your business.

Features include

4 adjustable note holders with 5 or 8 removable coin holders for added flexibility

24V output using an RJ12 Connection a receipt printer

3 position locking mechanism

100% steel construction with black powder coating

Dimensions: 330W x 360L x 82H mm

Weight: 3.5kg

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