Star Tsp100eco Usb Thermal Receipt Printer

Star Micronics TSP100 Eco Thermal Receipt Printer with USB Interface

Brand: Star Micronics

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The Star Micronics TSP100 is an 80mm  POS Receipt Printer and comes with a USB Interface.

This is now replace with the all new Star TSP143III USB Receipt Printer.

The Star TSP100ECO USB Receipt Printer is the world's first ECO POS printer, further extends the legacy that is the TSP100 futurePRNT. The TSP100ECO supports Star's commitment to being ecologically responsible, while allowing Star to continue to provide a high-speed, software enriched, economical choice for users.


High quality USB ECO POS printer, 150mm per second

Internal Power Supply

Plug and Play USB Drivers

Simple "Drop-In and Print" paper loading

All set-up accessories needed are included in the box at purchase

Unique futurePRNTsoftware included (certified by major software houses)

Fully Energy Star Compliant with Unique ECO Tools

Apple Mac Compatible


Windows Systems Compatible

TSP100 futurePRNT is the first All-in-One receipt printer on the market today!

It is provided with a USB connection that provides an immediate "Plug&Play" installation which reduces the time of integration to minutes.

The advantages of such a printer are evident for applications such as retail, restaurants, and convenience stores.

This direct thermal printer is provided with all standard operating system drivers (Windows, Linux and Mac) and specialty drivers such as OPOS and JPOS. Star has also included a number of embedded simple utilities that will enhance Retail or Hospitality CRM in POS applications and therefore make the entire experience a charm.

One year warranty for total peace of mind and can be extended to 3 years for FREE by registering the printer's serial # online with Star Micronics Australia.

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