Socket S740 2D BT Barcode Scanner - Blue
Socket S740 2D BT Barcode Scanner - Blue Socket S740 Barcode Scanner Blue Top

Socket Mobile S740 2D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner - Blue

Brand: Socket Mobile

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If you are looking for a 2D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner for your iPad, Android or Windows tablet/Device, the SocketScan® S740 Scanner is the way to go!

Socket Barcode Scanners are reliable and can be pair quickly to have you up and scanning products in minutes.

The Socket S740 can scan from an LCD Screen or Mobile Phone which is great for 2D or QR Barcodes.

SocketScan® S740, 2D Barcode Scanner Blue

The SocketScan S740 2D/1D imager barcode scanner with Bluetooth wireless technology scans either 1D or 2D barcodes on paper or screen. It has a lightweight, ergonomic structure, and a long-lasting battery to withstand entire work days. The five color options fit most styles and environment needs. The lights for battery, Bluetooth and scanning notifications make the scanner more intuitive to use. Compatible with all applications in previous Socket Mobile barcode scanners, without software changes.

This scanner is dressed to impress both consumers and end users in retail and office settings. Ideal for retail POS, field service, inventory management, asset tracking and more. Use our Companion App for easy set up and configuration.

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