Simtrig Keypad Cash Drawer Trigger Module

Cash Drawer Trigger with Keypad Module made to order and setup by CRW.

Brand: Cash Register Warehouse

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This Keypad Release Trigger Module is a very secure way of opening the cash drawer when you don't have software and do not wish to use a key to open the cash drawer manually. The module can also be mounted.

You can set pin numbers for about 500 individual users who would be accessing the cash drawer.

To use this Module, you simply plug the Cash Drawer into the Module, Plug the Power Supply in to the Module (and power point) and use the keypad to handle the pin numbers that have been programmed into the unit. It is that simple


Once you enter the pin number and press the


key, the cash drawer fires open.


Easy to Set-Up and Install

Pin Numbers used for accessing the cash drawer means more security.

Module can be mounted.

Saves repetitive use of manual keys which can break over time

Suitable for all Cash Drawers

Please note that this module does not include the Cash Drawer

This product has a 6 Month Return to Base Warranty

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