Opticon L-46X 2D Barcode Scanner USB with Stand

Opticon L-46X 2D Imager Barcode Scanner Black with Stand & USB Interface

Brand: Opticon

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OPTICON L-46X 2D Barcode Scanner (Imager) Black with USB Interface and hands free Stand

Opticon L-46 2D Imager Barcode Scanner

The L-46X is a 2D CMOS imager. The engine scans at a speed of a 100 fps or scans per second. This version is designed to perform strongly at moving object scanning, increasing the easiness of how the device scans. This delivers an overall smooth scanning experience.

This version comes with a complimentary stand and USB communication interface. The L-46 scans when the scan button is triggered or when the device is in auto-trigger modus. When a barcode is scanned the user will receive feedback by means of a visual stimulation, LED, vibration (optional) or buzzer.

The L-46 is lightweight with only 112 grams and its pistol grip design is made to make the device feel balanced when used. The included cable is 2.0 meters long, so even when it is plugged in there is some mobility and movement possible.

Main Features 

  • 2D Handheld Imager Scanner
  • Exchangeable cables
  • Auto-trigger
  • High speed moving object scanning
  • 100 frames per second

This product comes with a 12 Month Return to Base warranty.

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