Norwood 109 Manual Cash Drawer Ivory

Norwood 109 Manual Cash Drawer with Vertical Note Insert & Plastic Push Button

Brand: Norwood Cash Drawer

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The Norwood 109 Manual Cash Drawer

is spring loaded, being released via a plastic button on the front of the drawer. Therefore there is no latching mechanism in this unit, making it the most economical metal cash drawer in the Norwood range.

There is a choice of 2 money trays


Traditional Insert:

4 Note & 8 Coin


Vertical Note Insert: 8 Stand up Note & 8 Adjustable removable coin with concealed section under coin section.

Please specify either "Traditional Insert" or "Vertical Insert" in the comment section on checkout


2 media slots on face of drawer

410mm (W) x 465mm (D) x 104mm (H)

Weight 9.4Kg (packaged)

3 Years warranty

109 Manual insert dimensions

358mm (W) x 321mm (D) x 65mm (D)


The unit is injection moulded for maximum strength, the metal rear support adding to its durability. The coin tray is removable and adjustable. The front slots are for the depositing of high denomination notes concealed by coin section.

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