Goodson Gc Series Cash Drawer Bracket
Goodson Gc Series Cash Drawer Bracket Goodson Cash Drawer Under Counter Bracke

Under Counter Bracket for Goodson GC34, GC36 & GC37 Cash Drawers Black

Brand: Goodson

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Powder Coated Goodson GC Series Cash Drawer Brackets compatible with Goodson GC34, GC36 & GC37 Point of Sale Cash Drawer.

This bracket is designed for the Goodson GC 34. 36, 37 & 54 Model Cash Drawers. By securing the cash drawer under the counter, it is not only more practical but as they say, "Out of Sight,, Out of Mind"!

This is a more secure way to keep the cash drawer off the main counter but also free some more room and allow more counter space.

The Bracket is available is Black.

Please note: Cash Drawer in image displayed is not included.

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