Epson Erc-32 Ink Cartridge

Epson ERC-32 Ink Ribbon Purple

Brand: Cash Register Warehouse

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The Epson ERC32 Ink Ribbons are commonly used with a range of older style cash register including brands Casio, Sharp and TEC.

Epson ERC-32 Ink Ribbon Suits:

Casio TK-3200, TK-6000, TK-7000, TK-1300, TK-2300, CE-2300, CE-6100

Epson M-820, M-825, M-935, M-U420 Ribbon, Epson TM-935, Epson MU-420, TM-U625, M820 Ribbon, Epson M825, M935, TM935, MU420, RPU420, Epson RP-U420, TMU672, TMU675, Epson TM-U672 Ribbon, TM-U675, TM-H6000 Slip, TM-H6000 ii Slip, TM-H6000 iii, TMU6000 Slip, TMU675, Epson ERC32 Ribbon.

Uniwell NX5400 Ribbon, SX6600, UX60, UX60F, UX-60, UX-60F Ribbon, NX-5400, SX-6600.

Utax 2001 Cash Register Ribbon

TEC MA-1350

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