Citizen Dp600 Ink Cartridge
Citizen Dp600 Ink Cartridge Citizen IR61_DP600 Ink Ribbon Black

Citizen DP-600 (IR-61) Ink Ribbon with option of Black or Red/Black

Brand: Cash Register Warehouse


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Citizen DP600 Ink Ribbon also known as an IR61.

You have an option of either Black or Black/Red.

Citizen DP-600 (IR-61) Ink Cartridge/Ribbon.

Compatible with: Citizen 385-1 Series, CBM DP600 Series, CBM710, CBM715, CBM720, CBM725, CBM730, CBM750, DP600, DP610, DP611, DP612, DP614, DP617, DP622, DP624, DP627, DP630, DP650, DP900, IDP-3516, IDP-3520, IDP-3530, IDP-3535, IDP-3540, IDP-3541, IDP-3545, IDP-3546, IDP-3550, IDP-3551, IDP-4530, IDP-4540, IR61Samsung ER350, ER550, ERP200, SMP200, SRP100, SRP200, SRP250Star Micronics MP300, MP312F, MP317, MP321-S24, MP322-S24, MP323-S24, MP342, PM352S, MP382, SCP700TEC FDS300, MA-1300, RKP300, ST550

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