Cipher 8200 4mb Pde Linear Imager

CipherLab 8200 Portable Data Terminal (PDT) with Linear Imager Barcode Scanner

Brand: Cipherlab

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The CipherLab 8200 Data Terminal with 4MB SRAM Linear Imager comes with a proprietary software straight out of the box so can be used for stocktaking and inventory/asset applications.

In peak seasons and busy periods, it's important to have a handheld mobile computer with low power consumption to sustain long operating hours. Ergonomically designed for shift-long comfort and compact enough to keep with you all day long, the 8200 mobile computer gives you reliable performance and continuous productivity shift after shift.

8200 Features

Long-lasting power performance for continuous productivity

Runs on a rechargeable Li-ion battery - for more than 100


continuous hours between charges

Lightweight, ergonomic form factor that easily fits in your palm and your pocket

Supports a variety of C and BASIC programming

CipherLab Application Generator enables custom applications

MicroSD card slot with SDHC support

User-friendly interface and easy-to-read backlit LCD screen


Battery performance may vary depending on product model, configuration, applications, and features utilized.

Cipherlab 8200 Brochure

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