Cino Fbc-780 Barcode Scanner - Usb

Cino FBC780 Linear Imager Barcode Scanner with USB Interface (Includes Stand)

Brand: Cino

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The Cino FBC-780 Barcode Scanner is a linear imager and comes with a stand. 

This version is USB and is also "Plug & Play" to make installation simple.

The all new FuzzyScan FBC-780 series Long Range Linear Imager has set up a new standard as the best cost-performance solution for aim and shoot data capture applications. Equiped with the innovative DynaTrack (patent pending) system , the F760 automatically capture the best possible bar code image through intensive controls amongst the illumination, image capture and the image processing systems.


Solid State Linear Imager Technology, No moving parts


Rugged and compact design

Bright Sharp Aiming Line

Fast Decoding Rate

Optical and Audible Read Confirmation

Exceptional Read Performance

Manual, Presentation Mode or Auto Trigger

Universal interface

Reads Degraded and damaged bar-codes

Powerful, Flexible Architecture

Embedded outstanding DataWizard to meet most of the data editing requirements

Pricing Includes Stand

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