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Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

Cino A660BT 2D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Brand: Cino | Model: A660BT

Cino A660BT 2D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner with USB Charging & Communication Dock.

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Cino A660BT 2D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner with USB Charging & Communication Dock.

The A660BT can scan both 1D & 2D Barcodes with a range of 100m (line of sight).

Cino A660BT 2D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner with USB Charging & Communication Dock. The Charging/comms dock has a USB interface cable and can be plugged directly into your computer OR you can pair the scanner directly to a bluetooth host and use the cradle for charging only.

The A660BT can scan both 1D & 2D Barcodes with a range of 100m (line of sight).

Main Features

  • Integrated with the latest Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Instant cordless solution via the smart cradle or dongle
  • Wireless range of over 100m with the smart cradle or dongle
  • Works with various Android and iOS devices
  • Batch Scanning for simple stocktaking
  • Reads most challenging and problematic barcodes
  • Reads electronic barcodes from smartphone screens
  • Withstands drop from 1.8m to concrete
  • Optional vibrator for tactile confirmations
  • Supports multilingual data output
  • Single scan configuration with the iCode
  • Advanced data processing with DataWizard Premium
  • Cost-free security with Security Plus

The A660BT wireless scanner is built to deliver maximum value. Its versatility and affordable pricing make it a tool of choice for retail applications, as well as general use. Empowered by the FuzzyScan imaging platform, it quickly reads barcodes from product labels, membership cards, and electronic coupons, whether 1D or 2D. Moreover, the A660BT’s cordless capability allows for complete freedom when scanning. This Bluetooth scanner is user-friendly, easy to deploy, cost-effective, and suitable for budgets of any size!

Exceptional Mobility

Integrating Bluetooth wireless technology, the A660BT offers the convenience of cordless operation. It changes the way you work with more agility and productivity.

Instant Cordless Migration

This scanner can be paired with Cino’s smart cradle or smart dongle, both of which are Bluetooth-enabled and possessing a communication range of over 100 meters. These accessories serve to provide an instant cordless solution when your host device lacks wireless capabilities. Under PICO mode, the smart cradle and the smart dongle can each support up to 7 scanners at once. This practical feature allows you to centralize the data transfer process, gathering multiple connections onto a single base.

Flexible Connectivity

In addition to smart cradle and smart dongle solutions, the A660BT can be easily paired with a wide range of Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices to meet diverse requirement of wireless connectivity, such as Windows, iOS, Android smart phones or tablets. Pairing can be done in HID or SPP mode.

Practical Operation Modes

The A660BT supports online scanning, batch scanning and validation scanning. With it, you can perform reliable real-time barcode scanning at the point of activity, simple data collection and useful data validation. Different operation modes help users fulfill various applications.

“On-the-Spot” Data Transmissions

When set to “Online Scanning” mode, this model will send captured data to its host device immediately after each scan. If the “Out-of-range scanning” function is enabled, it can retain up to 5,000 scans of EAN barcodes after losing radio connection with the host device. Upon reconnection, the scanner will automatically send out all stored data.

Efficient Stocktaking

“Batch Scanning” mode can be selected for inventory work. Barcode data is held in memory after each scan, and will be sent as a batch when transmission is activated. 100,000 scans of EAN barcode can be stored under this mode. Quantity value and time-stamp may be added to data immediately following capture.

Data Verification Made Easy

“Validation Scanning” mode enables the scanner to record master data, and compare it against information that is subsequently captured. Should they not be a match, warning beeps will be emitted. This mode is useful for data validation tasks, such as shipping & receiving, and order picking.

No Compromise on Performance

The A660BT not only brings exceptional reading performance, but can also output data in numerous languages to cover a vast range of scanning requirements. It boosts up your return on investment.

Capture Most Real-World Barcodes

Supported by the latest imaging technology, this scanner captures a wide range of 1D and 2D barcodes, as well as a myriad of problematic items that are often encountered by businesses, for example: distorted, soiled, or damaged labels, barcodes on curve or reflective surface, electronic coupons on smartphone screens with poor lighting.

Output Data in Diverse Languages

Cino 2D scanners support the output of multiple languages, including single-byte languages like Arabic, German, Greek, Russian, Turkish, and more. Double-byte Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean are also covered. Remove your language barriers and expand your business horizons with multilingual output capabilities.

Enhanced User Experience

Designed with users in mind, the A660BT is equipped with user-friendly and practical features to enhance your scanning experience.

Simple and Intuitive Scanning

This model allows for omni-directional reading, which makes it easy and fun to use. No need to pre-align your scanner with the barcode. Simply point, scan and you’re good to go! Thanks to this feature, scanning becomes highly intuitive and effortless.

Sharp Aimer for Rapid Targeting

The scanner’s “round spot” LED beam helps users aim faster and with greater accuracy. A separate background light is also projected to further expedite data capture; this bright red illumination is particularly useful when ambient light is low.

Clear Status Indications

Equipped with a loud beeper and multi-color LED lights, this scanner provides the status information you need through conspicuous feedback. An optional vibrator is available to deliver tactile indications if silent signals are preferred, or when loud background noises make it difficult to hear the scanner’s beeping.

Power that Lasts

Thanks to an efficient power management system, users get the maximum number of scans per charge. Depending on usage, a full charge can be sufficient for a whole day’s work. Battery status is available with a simple scan of the relevant command barcode. These practical features will help you focus on the tasks at hand, and not on the next recharge.

Stylish, Ergonomic and Robust

Combining style, ergonomics and robustness, this model provides an outstanding user experience on all levels. Elegant in appearance, it will easily blend into any commercial decor. The scanner’s sleek handle is ergonomically designed to afford a natural, comfortable grip all shift long. Furthermore, its robust enclosure can withstand 1.8-meter falls onto concrete, granting a high degree of protection against unintentional drops.

Value Beyond Measure

Cino offers a host of innovative technologies to enhance A660BT’s usability, flexibility and diversity. It brings exceptional value to unleash your productivity.

Single Scan Configuration

The iCode is a configuration barcode designed to simplify and accelerate your setup process. It can be embedded with several commands, thereby allowing the simultaneous change of numerous parameters. Instead of configuring their Cino scanners with multiple barcodes, users can achieve identical results with a single iCode.

Powerful Data Processing

DataWizard Premium enables Cino scanners to execute complex formatting and processing actions through user-developed scripts. For example: parsing the information captured from a driver’s license, adding a prefix or suffix to data prior to output, and populating GS1 barcode data in the format or sequence required by your host software.

Cost-Free Security

Security Plus guards your host application by restricting its access to authorized FuzzyScan scanners. This powerful safety feature defends against unwanted scanner connections with the help of user-defined algorithms. Security Plus is available at no extra cost, offering protection and peace of mind.

This product has a 3 year warranty.

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