Casio Cash Register Keys

Casio Cash Register Keys

Brand: Casio

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These Casio Cash Register Keys come as a set with a Master (PGM) and Operator Key (OP). 

Two of each key are included.

Cash Register Keys to Suit Casio SEG1S, SEG1M, SES10, SEC300, SES300, SEC2000, SES2000, SES400, SEC450, SES3000, SEC3500, TE-100, TE-2000, TE2200, TE2400, SRC550, SRS500, SRC4500, SRS4000.

There are four keys to this set which include:

2 x Owner/PGM Key 

2 x Operator Key.

Please Note: Keys that you receive may be different to what is seen in the image provided but will fit the models of cash registers stated above.

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