Cas Ap-1w Weight Only Scale

CAS AP1 15Kg Weight Only Scale

Brand: CAS Scales


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CAS AP1 Weight Only Point of Sale Scale for interfacing with a POS Terminal or Cash Register.

This comes with covers to disable keyboard operation and display to show only the weight.

Interface cable is optional.

The CAS AP-1W Weight Only Scale is designed to connect to POS Systems and Cash Register via an Interface Cable.

CAS AP-1 Price Computing Scale can be interfaced with an Electronic Cash Register (ECR) or Point of Sale (POS) System. Total of 28 direct PLUs. Easy-to-use general weighing & weighing with Tare function. Ideal for smaller retail environments such as fish mongers, grocery and fruit/vegetable shops.


Trade Approved

28 Direct PLUs

ECR or POS interface (RS-232C)

VFD Pole Display

Auto Span Adjustment

Auto Zero Tracking

Stainless Steel Platter


This is the Weight Only Version for System Integration

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