Axeze Wristband With Glass Tag

Axeze Wristband with Glass Transponder compatible with Axeze Reader

Brand: Axeze

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The Axeze Wristband with Glass Transponder (WB-08) is a RFID transponder compatible with the Axeze Reader for Point of Sale Systems.

The WB-08 Glass Transponder wristband can be used with all Axeze LF readers, which currently include the KEP, KEN and KES ranges of Readers and Reader/Controllers. The wristband is made from quality black leather.


Functionality - Read Only

Memory (bits) 64

Memory Pages 1

Water Resistant

Operating Frequency 134.2kHz

Modulation FSK 134.2 kHz / 123.2 kHz

Transmission Principle - Half Duplex (HDX)

Power Source - Powered from the reader signal

Typical reading range approx 7cm

Operating Temperature -25° to + 70°C

Storage Temperature -40° to + 85°C

Case Material: Glass

Protection Class: Hermetically sealed

EMC - Programmed code not affected by normal electromagnetic Interference or X-rays

Dimensions 3.85 mm - 0.05 mm x 23.1 mm - 0.5 mm

Weight 0.6g

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