Axeze Clerk Pos Reader Usb Interface

Axeze RFID Clerk Reader or Access Control Module with USB Interface

Brand: Axeze

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The Axeze Point of Sale Clerk Reader connects via USB Interface directly into the POS Terminal providing a Wireless (RFID) login for Users presenting the reader with wristband tags, cards, watches and keyring tags for quality access control.

Axeze Configurable RFID USB Reader: KEP-USB-M2

Axeze has developed a powerful Proximity Reader that is used in conjunction with a tag. Tags are available in a variety of formats like wristband tags, cards, watches and keyring tags.

Employees wear the tag and are recognised when they come within the read range of the Proximity Reader. Clients have advised us that these can pay for themselves in a matter of days. The Reader picks up the highly secure code that is embedded in the tag and sends it to host software to handle as it sees fit.

The USB connection plugs directly into the terminal

Operating Voltage: 12-18V DC unregulated

Current Draw: 55mA (avg)

Frequency: 134.2kHz

Code Combinations: 2 to the power of 64 (18,446,744,073,709,551,616)

Tag Read Range: Up to 160mm (dependant on tag used and system used)

Dimensions: 80mm(h) x 40mm(w) x 20mm(d)

Interface: USB

Operating voltage:


5V DC regulated

The advantages of the Proximity Reader are:

Long life ? No moving parts

No demagnetisation of cards

Faster more accurate processing of sales

Tighten stock control

No pin numbers

Trillions of different codes embedded in highly secure tags

Fast user ID

Tags are fully recyclable

Non contact

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