55x25 Direct Thermal Labels 2000/Roll - 6 Rolls

55x25mm Direct Thermal Labels - Pack of 6 Rolls (12000 Labels)

Brand: Cash Register Warehouse

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55x25 (mm) Direct Thermal Labels with a 25mm core.

There are 6 Rolls in total with 2000 Label per Roll giving you are total of 12000 Labels.

55x25 Direct Thermal Labels, 2000 Labels Per Rolls, 6 Rolls = 12000 Labels.

High quality coated paper labels to not only increase the quality of the printed label but to also increase the life of your Direct Thermal printer (reduces wear on the print head as replacement print heads are expensive).


White Direct Thermal label.

55mm wide x 25mm deep.

2000 Labels per roll.

1 Label across.

25mm core.

Perforated between each label.

Permanent Adhesive

*Direct Thermal (DT): Direct Thermal printing is where the printhead comes in direct contact with the label media. There's a coating on the label media that turns black as heat is applied to it. Because of this, no ribbon is required.

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