6 Buy IR-40 Ink Rollers (6 Ink Rollers)

IR-40 Inks Rollers (Pack of 6) compatible with a range of Cash Registers and Printing Calculators.

Brand: Cash Register Warehouse

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6 Pack of IR40 Ink Rollers. Common for cash registers & printing calculators.

These are individually packed so will last if kept in a suitable environment out of direct light and in a cool area.

6 Buy of IR-40 Ink Rollers (6 Ink Rollers In Total)

Suits some of the following machines:

Printing Calculators

Casio 130CR,140CR/S, 140CRS, 120CR, 160CR

Sharp XE-A101/102/107, XE-A110, XE-A130

SAM4S ER-150, ER-180

Javelin CS-100

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